Enjoy delicious hot smoked trout from our online farm shop.

We use our home-grown trout, reared here on Mere Fish Farm. Lower stocking densities mean that the rainbow trout have space to grow slowly, in the crystal clear chalk streams that flow through the farm all year round. As the trout swim against the cool waters, they are handled as little as possible. They don’t experience stress and don’t have the ‘muddy’ taste that’s often associated with trout grown in lakes and ponds.

We don’t overfeed our trout or rush their growth to maximise yield. Quality comes first, with the trout enjoying a stress-free existence that helps to ensure their exceptional quality.

Freshness is guaranteed. We can trace every trout from our hatchery through to the smoker, which is located just feet from the chalk stream. Everything is done by hand, with our experienced farm team taking care of the whole smoking process.

The smoking process

The fish are dry salted and then cured at temperatures of 82°C in the smoker over hardwoods including oak, ash and beech. The wood we use come from the nearby Longleat Estate.

They’re vacuum-packed on the farm, with a 10-day shelf life. Further cooking is not needed, which means that you can open your smoked trout and savour the flavours straight away.

Our hot smoked trout is described as ‘absolutely gorgeous’ by those that have already tried it. We supply hot smoked trout in 12-ounce portions, which are gutted and salted prior to the hot smoking process. We use lighter smoking, to maintain the trout’s natural flavour. Buy your hot smoked rainbow trout whole, or filleted and de-boned to cut down on home preparation.

Premium quality and flavour

When you purchase our hot smoked trout, you are buying a premium product that comes directly from our farm to your kitchen. Your trout has enjoyed a life spent swimming through the fresh and clean waters, where overcrowding is never a concern.

You can taste our attention to detail and our focus on quality in our hot smoked trout. The natural taste is rich in flavour and something to savour.