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At Mere Trout, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest possible quality Rainbow Trout. To achieve that, we have structured our entire trout farming process to focus on quality and flavour over sheer quantity to ensure that every bite is as delicious as the last.

Most food tastes better the less unnecessary intervention during the rearing or farming process, and Rainbow Trout is no different. Excessive handling causes undue stress to the fish, as well as potentially damaging it, which can have a negative impact on its overall flavour. From the hatchery, right the way through the trout’s life we operate a minimal handling policy, only handling or grading the fish when it’s necessary to maintain the trout’s welfare.

Trout Fillet & Whole Trout

That overall quality of life is another large factor in why Mere Trout’s Rainbow Trout tastes as good as it does – we rear our fish in clear, pure chalk stream water. If you’ve ever had a mouthful of intensively farmed trout raised in dense, dirty water, you’ll know the unpalatable muddy undertone that spoils the taste of the fish. Our trout are able to swim freely as they pump the clear chalk stream water over their gills, ensuring they remain naturally tasty.

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