BBC Farming Today

The trail using black soldier fly larvae in our feed which we will be taking part in in a couple of months was featured in Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 this morning.

Smoked fish: a long history

The history of smoking fish goes back a very long time. As food storage technology improved smoking fish moved from being a necessity to a luxury, but the basic principles are still the same.

A cold start

It’s a bit fresh on the farm this morning. Twopup doesn’t care though!

Five trout fillet recipes

Five delicious trout fillet recipes to boost your Vitamin D levels. If you need a bit of inspiration, we have put together a list of five fresh trout fillet recipes help.

Sue Kinnear - BBC Wiltshire

BBC Wiltshire interview with Mere Trout

Listen to Sue Kinnear of BBC’s Wild About Wiltshire interview Jack about how we smoke our trout, the Christmas rush and life on the fish farm.

Ducklings on aerator

Duckling adventures

These guys have spent the afternoon going back and forth on the aeration boom in the hatchery … a very indulgent mum!

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