Freeze at home for 3 months
Vacuum Sealed
10-day Shelf Life

Savour the unique taste of our hot smoked trout, nurtured in the pristine waters of Mere Fish Farm. Our rainbow trout enjoy a natural growth in clear chalk streams, ensuring a stress-free life and a clean, distinct flavour. We avoid overfeeding and rushing their development, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Hot Smoked Trout

Our trout undergo a careful dry-salting and curing process at 82°C, smoked over a blend of local oak, ash, and beech woods. This gentle smoking technique preserves the trout’s natural flavor.

Our trout are vacuum-packed with a 10-day shelf life, offering convenience without the need for further cooking. Enjoy our hot smoked trout straight from the pack, available in whole or filleted options.

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