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Made from our home-grown smoked trout, our terrine blends cold smoked trout with butter, lemon, parsley, and fresh local yoghurt, creating a rich, creamy flavour. Perfect on toast, baked potatoes, or crackers, it offers a smooth, spreadable treat.

Trout Trout Terrine

Our Smørgel combines smoked trout with the crisp textures of gherkins, capers, and red onions in creamy mayonnaise. Enjoy the rich, smoky flavour and light kick on toast, potatoes, or crackers.

Perfect for any occasion, our Smoked Trout Roulades and Spirals are a delicious and elegant choice. Crafted from our home-reared trout and wrapped in succulent smoked trout slices, they offer a unique flavour from our special smoking process. Our trout, raised and smoked on our Mere farm, are nurtured for taste over quantity, ensuring premium quality and freshness.

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