Smoked Trout Roulades (170 g / 6 oz)



Indulge in the exquisite flavours of our Smoked Trout Roulades, a culinary delight crafted with care and dedication. Each 170 gram (6 ounce) package showcases the finest trout from our Mere Fish Farm, where we nurture our fish from egg to maturity, ensuring a premium product that highlights the essence of fresh, flavourful trout.


Our skilled artisans expertly smoke the trout fillets using a proprietary process that infuses the fish with a rich, smoky flavour. The delicate balance of smoke and the trout’s natural sweetness creates a sophisticated and irresistible blend. Each roulade is meticulously hand-rolled, encasing a delectable filling within a succulent layer of smoked trout, resulting in a visually stunning creation with an explosion of flavours and textures.


Versatile and perfect for any occasion, our Smoked Trout Roulades are sliced into delicate rounds for an elegant appetiser or enjoyed as a main course. We prioritise sustainability and ethical farming practices, ensuring you can indulge with a clear conscience.


Experience luxury and taste with our Smoked Trout Roulades, crafted with passion and expertise. Each package promises uncompromising quality, making them the choice of discerning food enthusiasts. Order now and discover the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

Additional information


Smoked rainbow trout (65%), Yoghurt, Butter, Lemon, Parsley, Cayenne

Shelf life

10 days


Keep the fridge at 5°C or below


Can be frozen at home for up to 3 months

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