Smoked Trout Terrine (454 g / 1 lb)



Experience the unique blend of flavours in our Smoked Trout Terrine, a culinary masterpiece crafted from our farm-raised rainbow trout in Mere, Wiltshire. This 454 g (1 lb) delicacy harmoniously combines the smoky richness of cold-smoked trout with the velvety texture of creamy butter, the tangy zest of lemon, the freshness of parsley, and the creaminess of locally sourced yoghurt, creating a spread that is both indulgent and balanced.


Our rainbow trout are nurtured from eggs in pristine waters and carefully cold-smoked to impart a delicate, smoky essence. The smoked trout is blended with high-quality ingredients, creating a smooth, spreadable terrine that showcases the fish’s natural beauty.


Enjoy the Smoked Trout Terrine on toasted artisan bread or baked potatoes or paired with crackers and chilled white wine for an impressive appetizer. Its versatility makes it perfect for any occasion, from casual snacks to refined presentations.


At the heart of our Smoked Trout Terrine is a commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring the health and well-being of our trout. Elevate your next meal with the sophisticated flavours of our Smoked Trout Terrine, knowing that it is a product of uncompromising quality. 

Additional information


Smoked rainbow trout (45%), Yoghurt, Butter, Lemon, Parsley, Cayenne

Nutritional (per 100 g)

Energy: 1439 kJ / 348 kcal
Protein: 11.2 g
Fat: 32.6 g of which saturates 18.8 g
Carbohydrate: 2.1g (of which sugars – trace)
Salt: 1.37 g

Shelf life

10 days


Keep the fridge at 5°C or below


Can be frozen at home for up to 3 months

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