Small Fresh Rainbow Trout (285 g / 10 oz min)

Fresh rainbow trout straight from the farm.  Our trout are hatched on the farm and thrive in our crystal clear, cool chalk stream water.

The purity of the water flowing through the farm and our lower stocking density produces the best tasting trout, with none of the ‘muddiness’ you can get if the trout are too far from spring that feeds the stream.

Our farming concentrates on quality over yield, with lower feed regimes and less handling of the fish.  It results in a slightly slower rate of growth, but a far better tasting trout.

We handle the trout as little as possible.  Optimum growth is obtained when the trout are regularly graded, but we believe the stress caused by handling affects the flavour. So we only grade the fish when welfare requires it.

We think you will be able to taste the benefit of our extensive farming methods in our fresh trout.



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11 reviews for Small Fresh Rainbow Trout (285 g / 10 oz min)

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